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Welcome to Glenn K Audio

Glenn K Audio specializes in on-site recording and duplicating of seminars, conventions, conferences and roundups of any size and reproduce CDs, tapes and mp3s.† We have over 50,000 recordings from 12 Step Recovery Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon, SA, NA, Nar-Anon, DA, Greysheet and OA.† We have the most popular alcohol and drug related sets such as Joe & Charlie Big Book Studies, A New Pair of Glasses by Chuck C and many more all in tape, CD or mp3 format. In our Sounds of Healing section we have many meditation, instructional, healing and spiritual selections to choose from.† You may join hundreds of others who receive monthly recovery talks from our CD-of-the-month or mp3-of-the-month clubs.

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Glenn K Audio
PO BOX 331
Vernon, NJ 07462

Featured Products

A New Pair of Glasses - Chuck C - Laguna Beach, CA

Joe McC & Charlie P - Tulsa, OK & Maysville, AR

Sandy B & Bob B

Lila R - Santa Monica, CA

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