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Great CD Selections

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Thy Will Be Done - A Meditation by White Dove
sku#: CDM001
Guided Meditations for Releasing Self Will and Expressing Divine Will
1. Seven Step Meditation - Improve conscious contact with the Devine Will by releasing the Self Will
2. 12 Step Meditation - Strengthen the intention to practice the 12 Spiritual Principles contained in the 12 Steps
1 CD


Getting Over Life's Speed-Bumps (Al-Anon)
sku#: CD05361
Beverly B - Lewisville, TX
Ellen C - Addison, TX
Carole K - Fishkill, NY
Colleen J -Haddon Heights, NJ
4 CDs


Wanna Laugh?
sku#: CD05360
Jeff V - Fargo, ND
Angie P - Cincinnati, OH
Doug R - Tujunga, CA
Jack C - Hagerstown, MD
4 CDs


Modern Marvels in AA (Women)
sku#: CD05359
Tara R - Sedona, AZ
Line G - Carlsbad, CA
Tami P - Chattsworth, CA
Madaliene P - Meridian, ID
4 CDs


Modern Marvels in AA (Men)
sku#: CD05358
Dr Mike R - Montgomery, AL
Gary K - San Antonio, TX
Paul McQ - Oceanside, NY
John L - Boston, MA
4 CDs


Bob D - Las Vegas, NV
sku#: CD04487
Big Book Study Weekend
Hamilton, NY


Laughter Guaranteed
sku#: CD03784
Karl M - Covina, CA
Wino Joe L - Tyler, TX
Paul McQ - Oceanside, NY
Don G - Studio City, CA
4 CDs


Chris R - Ingram, TX &
Chris S - New Vernon, NJ
and Friends

sku#: CD03764
Half Measures Avail Us Nothing Seminar
Wilson House, East Dorset, VT
March 26-28, 2009
10 CDs


Laughter is the Best Medicine volume 5
sku#: CD00471
Excellent collection of speakers who appreciate and share the humorous side of recovery and being human.
Marc K, Ray O'K, Adrienne B, Lorna K.
4 CDs


Laughter Is The Best Medicine - Volume 3
sku#: CD00408
Earl H - Studio City, CA
Ken D - La Mesa, CA
Margaret M - Phoenix,AZ
Mickey B - Los Angeles, CA
4 CDs


Laughter Is The Best Medicine - Volume 2
sku#: CD00407
Four speakers who tell their stories and make their points with humor.
Jack "The Marine" C - Cohassett, MA
Keith L - Wilmington, NC
Scott R - Sherman Oaks, CA
Sister Maurice D - Forest Hills, NY
4 CDs


Laughter Is The Best Medicine - Volume 1
sku#: CD00406
Four speakers who illustrate the powerful healing of laughter in our recovery.
Clint H - Woodland Hills, CA
Patti O - Laguna Niguel, CA
Sterling H - Omaha, NE
Sandy B - Tampa, FL
4 CDs


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