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Great mp3 Selections

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Brian H & Pat R and Marybelle P & Tom R
sku#: CD05453/5454mp3
Big Book S & 12x12 Seminar
Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 9-12, 2013
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12 Steps, 12 Traditions & 12 Concepts
sku#: CD03323mp3
An Explaination of AA's Three Legacies
A brief talk on each of our 36 Principles. Great for anyone looking for an overview of our program - a must for anyone getting into service.
Charlie P, Joe McQ, John W, Frank M, & Willie B
May 1989
Pompano Beach, FL
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Jack K - The History of AA
sku#: CD03114mp3
Tennessee Young Peoples Conference
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Wally P - Tucson, AZ
sku#: CD02891mp3
AA: The Greatest Spiritual Movement
East Dorset, VT
3/16-17 /1996
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12 Concepts Discussion
sku#: CD02352mp3
Des T - New York, NY
Great, informative CD set
Uses audience participation to discuss the 12 Concepts of AA.
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A Walk Through The 12 Steps - Lila R
sku#: CD00253mp3
For the Long-Timer in recovery. Lila explains how her group does one step a month, 12 steps a year to enjoy a deeper understanding of the miracle of our program.
Comes with her 3-page study guide.
Tulsa, OK, 4/4/1998
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Joe H & Mark H - Houston, TX with Mickey B & Chris R
sku#: CD00119Amp3
4th Fellowship of the Spirit
St John's University, Queens, NY
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David A - The History of the 12 Traditions
sku#: CD00080mp3
The derivation of our Traditions
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Scott R - Sherman Oaks, CA
sku#: CD00074mp3
Inventory Process - Bagels & Big Book
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A New Pair of Glasses - Chuck C - Laguna Beach, CA
sku#: CD00072mp3
The well-known Palo Mesa retreat from which the book of the same name was written. Describes how we must simply change our perception of the world.
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Joe McC & Charlie P - Tulsa, OK & Maysville, AR
sku#: CD00060BR05mp3
The LAST Big Book Study in Boca Raton, FL
Order SKU# "BBS Book doc" for a file of the BBS slides
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